Research and Development Projects (R&D)

a-techSYN will treat any request that includes autopilot or GCS software or hardware development or change as a R&D project. Requests will be evaluated, a project plan will be deigned, an assessment will be done and only after that an offer will be prepared. Universities have been approached and a very strong request has been identified.

Integration Services

All components of a UAS have to be integrated with outmost care.
There are several components with RF functions which can suppress each other. Connectors and cables as well as positioning the components and cables, taking CG and performance issues into consideration requires a set of distinctive know-how. Small changes have great effects. On the filed, most of the time there are effects that never have been considered or experienced in the lab. One of the advantages to work with a-techSYN is the field experience. A-techSYN is ready to work with customers even on the field as part of the projects and solve problems on site.

a-techSYN is providing two types of integration services: