AvionicsMini by A-techSYN is a generic Flight Controller designed for all types of Drones or UAVs of a certain size ranging from 20 kg up to 150 kg demanding perfect precision flight control. Its small size, low weight, and solid enclosure box makes AvionicsMini more than ideal for any UAV.
The Flight controller has double redundancy on flight-critical components.
RTK GPS is optional and can be used ina Plug ‘n Fly fashion.
AvionicsMini can manage all kind of known takeo and landing methods, may it be hand-launched, runway, catapult, parachute or even VTOL!

One of the unique features of the AvionicsMini is that the I/O ports are grouped into smaller Plug ’n Fly type connectors. This enables a modularity that results in

  • Swift operations on the field
  • Easy maintenance
  • Define faulty components, wires, connectors easily
  • Exchange of faulty components and wires only.

Thanks to the unique algorithms developed by A-techSYN in-house, AvionicsMini has been integrated and tested on fixed wing, delta wing, H-Tail and T-Tail UAVs for over 500 hours with great success and can also be used to control Quad/Hex/Quattro Copters and even on Rotary Wing Unmanned Vehicles.

Technical Specifications

  • Fully autonomous flight control
  • Compatible with A-techSYN GCS
  • Works with 7-17 V DC power input
  • Has ESD protection on all inputs and outputs
  • Has reverse voltage protection
  • Comes with 6.0V 40A PMU
  • -20 to +85 °C operation capability

Double Redundant Internal Sensors!

  • 2x Airspeed Sensor
  • 2x Digital Compass
  • 2x Altimeter
  • 2x IMU
  • 2x GPS
  • Voltage Sensor

All connectors on the box can be customised and regrouped to customer specific applications during production.

The customer-oriented development of AvionicsMini makes it possible to provide all necessary sensors and outputs in a single box. While the security concerns are addressed with redundant flight critical hardware (IMU, GPS, Altimeter, Airspeed, Compass), ESD and reverse voltage protection, the request for flexibility is enabled by providing external I/O ports to be used for Telemetry, RC module, Gimbal, EFI data or any other payload and/or hardware.

Telemetry connection being an external module enables the users to use any frequency for C2.

Upgrade your UAV to VTOL!

VTOL control algorithm enables the transition from vertical takeoff to level flight to be done by the same AvionicsMini Flight Controller in a very unique and simple way. Enhancing your UAV’s capability by implementing VTOL is now possible. A-techSYN also provides integration services on demand.

With AvionicsMini, airspeed redundancy is more than having 2 pitots.
AvionicsMini detects if an airspeed sensor should be ignored due to clogged pitot or unconnected pipe, and automatically uses the input from the healthy one.

Weak GPS jamming signals can fool your autopilot indicating it to dive or fly like a rocket and may result in incidents where you might lose your UAV.
AvionicsMini filters the GPS output and avoids dangerous instant reactions to these kind of anomalies.

Extending the Capability of Your Flight Controller

AvionicsMini does not only support CAN Bus connectivity. With the CAN Adapters we provide you to convert any component to a plug ‘n play extension for your UAV. Fuel level sensors, fuel flow sensors, RPM sensors, relays, etc. can be connected to the CAN network on the UAV easily, even if the components do not support CAN. Our CAN Adaptors are acting as translators between analog or serial ports and the CAN.

Another fantastic feature of the AvionicsMini is to provide communication tunnels in the datalink. This enables you to have private virtual serial connection from the ground control computer to your payload without additional hardware.

AvionicsMini keeps an eye on your UAV.
It detects various anomalies in your UAV such as:

  • extreme aileron trims
  • partial or complete loss in thrust
  • loss in capability to control attitude
  • loss in capability to control heading
  • excessive cross track error
  • visually clear and color coded operator warnings

and more!