Mission of A-TechSYN is to pave the way for a better life for all living creatures on Earth by becoming a part of an environment that highly values synergy between people and Institutions to achieve this mission using, developing and empowering advanced and innovative technologies.


Vision of A-TechSYN is to have an unique technology development capacity within 20 years. This capacity will consist of friends working together in a peaceful environment.


Values of a-techSYN

We don’t have employees. We have friends.

We don’t have work to do, we have a mission to achieve.

We don’t work for money, we work for a better future.

We are only satisfied by achievements.

We DO things, WITH our customers together, ON the field.

We don’t abandon, we don’t give up.

We love challenges !

We are aware that there are things on this world that are Impossible … and thus take some more time to do.

We are in for any SYNERGY.