Besides manufacturing, a-techSYN provides flight services for its products if needed. Flight services are served by an a-techSYN Team includes two or three people. Every a-techSYN Team have at least two team member trained as Ground Control Operator and Technician. Our employees are educated to work at field conditions. All team members have flight experience over 500 hours and 150 days. If necessary, new field forces can be trained in 2-4 weeks.

Some Areas where Flight Services are Needed


There are occurrences when ISR is needed for a short period. Even when this period is several months, the acquirement of whole UAS is not feasible. In most cases, the customer has not or is not willing to invest in human resources to operate the UAS as well. Most of the time the customers are only interested in the product of the flights and not in the flight itself. Some good example would be agricultural use of UAS for stress analysis or product estimation, video to test software developed for target tracking from air, security patrolling for summits or construction sites etc.

Search and Rescue

It’s expected from institutions and related departments to have the infrastructure to do S&R quick and efficient. But this might not always be possible due to financial cutoffs. But S&R is a job where minutes, even seconds matter. Having an extra eye on air, equipped with specific payload that can stay on air 4-5 times as long as a helicopter without refueling and is not affected from weather conditions that much is a great service to buy on times of crisis.

Payload or System Promotion (Demo) Flights

Customers of UAS or UAS services are still at the phase where they want to see the products in action before they buy. These demonstrations sometimes have to be made at the customers side. Especially SME’s do not have the resources to perform a demo and that would keep them from getting the jobs. a-techSYN will have a UAS system with mobile GCS (a GCS with antenna and computers on a VAN) and a mobile workshop. This will enable a-techSYN to perform for all above mentioned service requirements. A safety pilot will be deployed from Atesin when required. Technicians and operators are already part of the a-techSYN office.

Payload Test Flights

All payload developers have to test their payload before putting it out on the market. Some tests are done on the ground but actual performance of the payload will only be seen on real applications. This will sometimes include the integration process.

Performance Test Flights

All UAV’s and related equipment have to be tested for performance, to get the values to put on the tech sheet and promotional material. Performance tests will required to be done after changes to evaluate whether intended results are established or not. Even if the developers have their own crew, most of the time they do not want to occupy their resources. Some of those flights take hours, even days for each takeoff and several repeats.